"I can recommend to you, without reservation, the services of the SDF Academy" - David R. Colburn

posted Feb 25, 2014, 10:00 AM by SDF Academy   [ updated Mar 20, 2015, 10:01 AM ]
It has been my privilege on three occasions this past year to receive instruction in a variety of firearms related subjects from Dr. Eli Saber and I would like to share this recommendation regarding the services of Dr. Saber and Mr. Chad Juby in the launch of their SDF Academy. Additionally I enjoyed the privilege of introducing Dr. Saber to the Ontario Rod and gun Club where he has become well integrated into the firearms safety and proficiency training efforts of the club and has become heavily involved in the training activities of the club.

Dr. Saber has demonstrated notable professional achievement in the academic realm and established himself as a well-respected teacher, and has also gained a rare skillset in the subject of firearms through the combination of personal combat experience and a very broad base of training. My personal observations are that Dr. Saber brings a unique combination of the thorough knowledge of his subject matter along with his patient and focused teaching techniques, enabling him to skillfully and effectively address the demands of simultaneously teaching a variety of personalities and learning needs within a diverse group of students.

Personally I have taken three classes from Dr. Saber and Mr. Juby: NRA Personal Protection Inside the Home, Tactical Carbine 1, and Tactical Carbine 2; and all three classes were excellent experiences from which I took home a wealth of knowledge, experience, and personal growth in the safe and proficient use of my firearms.

I can recommend to you, without reservation, the services of the SDF Academy for your training needs in the shooting sports and firearms related personal defense development.


David R. Colburn