NRA Basic Rifle

Course Outline:  
  • Safety & Responsible Ownership. 
  • Rifle Parts, Actions & Nomenclature. 
  • Ammunition Knowledge & Fundamentals. 
  • Fundamentals of Rifle Shooting 
  • Rifle Shooting Positions: Benchrest, Standing, Squatting, Kneeling, Sitting and Prone 
  • Using the Shotgun as a Rifle 
  • Rifle Maintenance 
  • Buying a Rifle: Selection and Usage 
  • World of Rifle Shooting Opportunities 
  • Rifle Sports and Activities

Upon successful completion, attendees will receive an official NRA certificate.

Duration: 14 Hours

Location: Classroom and Range time.

Equipment Requirements:
  • Rifle with appropriate magazines, stripper clips, etc. 
  • Sling is recommended but not required 
  • 250 Rounds of suitable Ammunition 
  • Wrap around eye wear. 
  • Ear plugs and/or ear muffs. 
  • Hydration system. 
  • Orange/Yellow chamber empty flag. 
  • 5 Rounds of dummy ammunition. 
  • Cases for all firearms.
  • Pen and a 1 subject notebook.
  • Sunscreen, hat or baseball cap and knee/elbow pads are recommended.
  • Snacks, drinks, lunch, etc. are highly recommended.


  • None. Must be 12 years of age or older. If under 18 years of age, attendees must be accompanied by a parent/guardian.

Additional Pertinent Information:
  • Please keep your guns and all ammunition in your vehicle until you are directed to retrieve them. For your safety and the safety of everyone, NO LIVE AMMUNITION will be allowed in the classroom at any time under any circumstances.
  • If you carry a firearm for personal protection, you must leave that in your vehicle during the class.
  • All guns must be cased for transportation to/from the range.
  • Please plan appropriately for the weather. We will be outdoors all day. Course will be held rain or shine.
  • Footwear that fully encloses your feet is required.
Contact Your Instructor - Dr Eli Saber

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